Non-toxic washable nail polish-created for children



‘Many thanks for this. What a great idea’

Melissa Dennis Editor Beauty Guild Magazine

‘We have really enjoyed launching something so unique and so natural to our mums to be and clients with young children. Lallabee non-toxic washable nails have really excited our clients; mums treat their little girls to several shades without fail’

Tracy Broughton Decadence Hair and Beauty Newport

‘I hope this email finds you well? Ellie, (my daughter) loved the Lallabee nail polish at the weekend and can’t wait to have them on again’

Claire Mathewson Features Writer Beauty Guild Magazine

‘We have just launched the new Lallabee non-toxic washable nail polish at BeautÉ Beauty Salon in Tunbridge Wells and I must say both staff and clients absolutely love it!!’

Rebecca salon owner

‘We have already replenished our stock of Lallabee non-toxic washable nail polish, they have been a huge success with our princess parties, we always felt most uncomfortable applying nail polish that had to be removed with acetone onto the 3-11 year age group, great original product’

Katie Nu Yu Hair and Beauty Salon Milford Haven