Non-toxic washable nail polish-created for children


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to prepare the nails in any particular way before painting them with Lallabee nail polish?

A. No just squeaky clean nails will help the polish to adhere

Q. Is there the usual strong smell of nail polish to Lallabee

A. No Lallabee nails smell only of fresh fruity raspberry, it is exactly the smell and therefore the fumes from usual nail polishes and the removers that are of concern to parents particularly as they can be ingested and inhaled so easily by children

Q. How long will Lallabee Nails take to dry?

A. With one coat it will only take a minute with two coats up to two minutes depending on room temperature

Q. How is Lallabee nail polish removed?

A. Simply wash with soap and water or just a baby wipe

Q. Why wouldn’t I just use my own nail polish on my children?

A. Most nail polishes including the ones promoted to the teen market typically contain very strong volatile solvents like toluene, phthalates, formaldehyde, parabens or nano particles all notoriously either toxic or have suspected health risks.

Not forgetting that an even stronger in some cases, nail polish remover with acetone then has to be used to remove them

Q. What does the Lallabee Top Coat do?

A. The Lallabee Top Coat helps to keep the polish in place for 2-3 days and is also used over nail stickers for the same reason, all of which are still washed off with soap and water

Q. Will the polish stay in place when swimming?

A. Yes if the top coat is applied it will stay

Q. Is the polish safe for nail biters?

A. Yes even the colours are only food colourings

Q. Does it permanently stain clothes?

A. The product easily washes out of most fabrics tested as long as it is done so soon after staining

Q. How long will it last after opening?

A. The polish will be good for 6 months after opening

Q. Are the Lallabee Stickers applied directly on to the nail or only over polish?

A. Either way they stay in place, especially if the transparent top coat is applied over them

Lallabee is MORE CREATIVE than a toy, SAFER than mummy’s makeup