Non-toxic washable nail polish-created for children


What happend in the Royal Laboratories: the back story.....

Laura and Francesca, colleagues in the field of makeup and fashion, but above all mothers, when they go home with new cosmetics to try and test, they find their daughters waiting for them to play as being adults with mummy’s makeup.

This is where the magic begins and with their job this magic can become a fantastic and wonderful reality.

Being professionals in the field of cosmetics, Laura and Francesca know that traditional formulas are not agreeable on the skin and on the body of their children and being careful and loving mothers they decided to create a range of products developed especially for their needs.

This is how Lallabee came to life,

Special nail polish created for children.

Lallabee is MORE CREATIVE than a toy, SAFER than mummy’s makeup

because it is

water-based wash-off formula

can be removed with soap and water

(no aggressive solvents or acetone required )


nice raspberry fragrance    

easily washes off clothes

made in Italy

with tocopherol (vitamin E)

pregnancy and breastfeeding safe

not tested on animals

dries in two minutes to a glossy finish

available in lacquered and pearly finish

with quirky, safe  stickers and transfers

it does not contain:

inflammable solvents

phtalates (dibutyl phtalate…)

bisphenol A


toxins (toluene, formaldehyde…)

nano molecules